The Fifth Tarot Certification

Campbell tarot class

• An in-depth study of the Major Arcana, which represent primary archetypal energies for us to embrace and embody on our inner journey of becoming. Participants will be guided through the complex and multi-layered imagery to gain greater understanding of the framework for these powerhouses!

• A comprehensive understanding of the Five Elements, the creative forces contained in the Suit and Court Cards as a means to create balance and harmony in your life; and as potent energies for manifestation. Participants will learn the basic tenants of the suit cards as well as the progression and mastery of the court cards.

• Hands-on practice with various spreads to develop your reading skills. Participants will expand their intutive skills and learn how to go beyond the common meanings of each card, into the relationships between the cards and how to bring it all together in a way that is meaningful and relevant to each specific query.

• Proficiency at reading the cards and practical applications for using tarot on your personal journey or in workwith clients. Participants will add to their credentials and services they are able to offer.

• The opportunity to learn directly from the creators of The Fifth Tarot and gain first-hand insight into the inner workings of this deck and the esoteric wisdom they have to offer. Participant’s experience will be enhanced with the energy of the original art for this deck as well as essentail oil blends created specifically for the major arcana and the elements.

• The certification course is for anyone seeking a greater understanding of how to use tarot as a personal tool for transformation on their soul’s journey. It is also for tarot readers, practitioners and professionals who are interested in using tarot as a tool to assist others in gaining clarity, direction and insight in their life.

Cost for The Fifth Tarot Certification Program: $888.

When you wish to do. the classes at your own pace, have access to our FaceBook Livechat forum, after each class airs. Click Here. The class is divided into 8 video's which you may purchase seperately and go at your own pace. The low price of $33 per class still allows you to ask questions and be part of the forum on The Fifth Tarot live chat

The Fifth Tarot class from Martien Bakens on Vimeo.

Embark on a Mystical Journey with The Fifth Tarot!

The Fifth Tarot Weekend Intensive offers an in-depth study of this deck and delves into the mystical journey of the triumphant soul. In this class, we explore the wisdom and esoteric teachings of major arcana and gain greater understanding of the symbolism, metaphors and meanings contained within the imagery. Participants will expand their knowledge of the five elements as we work with the suit and court cards. Practical applications and hands-on experience create the space to improve your reading skills and enhance your intuitive abilities. The weekend intensive facilitates the opportunity to become proficient at reading with The Fifth Tarot deck for yourself and others.

Platonic Solids Intensive

We also offer a weekend intensive to share knowledge regarding the sacred geometry of the platonic solids and how they relate to the elements in tarot. It is an insightful class with practical ways of utilizing the sacred geometries and the creational energies of the elements for manifestation, divination and transformation.