• The Fifth Tarot App for Android, Ipad, Iphone

    Enjoy these wonderful Fifth Tarot products!

    Use the deck set or the new app for divination and guidance anytime, anywhere!

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  • Essential oils and Platonic Solids

    Attune to the frequencies and higher vibrations

    Using the essential oil sets and the Platonic solids you can attune to the frequencies of the archetypal energies and vibrations of the elements to embody the essence of each card.

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  • Readers Cloth + Bag

    Create your reading space

    Cloth, Oils, Platonic Solids

    • Enhance your professional readings with the reader's cloth
    • Experience the oils to connect with the essence of the cards
    • Amplify energies with the platonic solids
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The Fifth Tarot Deck Set

The Deck Set

The Fifth Tarot is an evolutionary deck that incorporates the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Working with the alchemy of the five elements we can bring balance and harmony to our lives. The fifth suit in this deck offers insights into our multi-dimensional gifts and possibilities, making it a extremely relevant deck for the changing times in which we live. Boxed set includes 92 full-color cards with 352 page book. → read more

The Fifth Tarot Oil Set

The Fifth Tarot Oils

Martien has created two essential oil blend sets to enhance your experience with The Fifth Tarot. The Fifth Tarot Oil Set – contains 22 blends that assist in attuning to the essence of each archetype. The oils hold the vibration of each of the major arcana and can help us understand and experience the power of each archetype. Five Element Oil Set – contains 5 blends for each of the elements. These oil blends assist in integrating the essence of the elements to create balance and harmony within our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul essence. There is an additional oil blend included, called Divine Balance which brings the alchemy of the elements together in the perfect combination. read more

Readers Cloth The Fifth Tarot

Readers Cloth

The Fifth Tarot Readers cloth is hand-crafted by Teressena. Made on purple moleskin fabric with metallic gold thread embroidery in the pattern of the double pentacle. The design energetically sets the energies for the five elements with in the circle of oneness, creating the alchemy of all possibilities. The upright and reversed pentacles represent the energies of the divine feminine and divine masculine in sacred union forming the symbol of the lemniscate, representing infinity. The sacred geometry embroidered on the reader's cloth creates a high-vibrational space for doing readings. → read more

Platonic Solids

A Platonic solid is a perfect geometric and mathematical polygon with equal edges, faces and every point is the same distance from the center, in perfect symmetry. The five Platonic solids are contained within the three-dimensional flower of life and are considered the building blocks of life. Each Platonic solid is associated with one of the five elements. The Platonic Solids set contains five crystal solids: Tetrahedron (fire), Hexahedron (earth), Octohedron (air), Dodecahedron (water) and Icosahedron (ether) in a wooden case with diagram of each shape and associated element. → read more

Some cool things we just did

The Fifth Tarot App icon

1Celestial Weavings

Celestial Weavings™ by Teressena are woven with intention and created with the energy of the Celestial Grandmothers, who weave our dreams and destinies among the stars.

• Inspired by nature

• Created with intention

• One of a kind tactile treasure

• Handwoven with natural fibers & specialty yarns

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2 Class Downloads coming!

We have been offering the Fifth Tarot certification class as a teleconference, and in person class. Now for the first time you can take that class in the comfort of your home. All class material can be downloaded at the speed you choose to go. There are 8 two hour segments