Paintings by Teressena

Inspiration, mixed media painting on canvas
Unraveling the threads of time
Between the Veils
Tranquil Moon
Buddha Bliss, Painting
Thunderbird, Painting
Winged One
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Sacred Spiral of Phenomenal Women

This weekend 10/24-10/26 Teressena and women from all around the world will celebrate the mother.  In Morro bay #RubyDragon and at beaches and nature settings around this sacred area they will enhance our future by dreaming the new world into being.

This amazing gathering starts friday with ceremony at the beach and will continue saturday and sunday with teachings and sharing sacred space.

Your host for this event Teressena Bakens has led and enjoyed womens circles and full moon gatherings for 20 years. We will share images and messages after the event with you.

Teressena host for the Sacred Spiral
Your host for the Sacred Spiral, Teressena

The Fifth Tarot at BATS

We are looking forward to meeting many tarot friends at BATS. Already enjoying many of the  posts on the site. Hope also to catch a lot of quirkiness!  Well…… we will not be disappointed there as batty-ness is inherent in all presenters and attendees.

FUN WITH RELATIONSHIPS will be the subject of our presentation. We have new spreads to share that can assist in bringing things into right relationship. We will also be looking at the relationship of the cards to each other in the spread as they relate to numerology, the elements, color, movement and repeating symbols, creating greater insight into readings.

Elementor of Lotus
Elementor of Lotus

Creating balance and harmony with the alchemy of the elements