Intro to The Fifth Tarot


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9 minute intro to The Fifth Tarot

9 Minute intro

A brief 9 minute introduction to this innovative deck that is introducing the fifth element. Ether is prana, chi, the life force that moves in all things. This deck is a wonderful bridge when you have outgrown your divination deck and are ready to step into the world of tarot. The shift of the ages is wonderfully represented in this deck and this intro will share more info with you.→ read more

Downloads Classes - Soon !

We will have downloads available so you can learn at your own pace about the Fifth Tarot and how this deck connects you with the five elements. Moreover guidance on how to use the energies to positively affect your path. → read more

Inspiration for you !

Messages of magical journeys and connections to web-pages that uplift and inspire will be presented here in a fun way. Teressena and Martien offer classes and travel as well as remote and private readings and sessions that connect you to your source code energies. → read more