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Major Arcana -  Shadow
  • Major Arcana
  • Created : 2007
  • Features : nature, new archetypes, 5 elements

New images in the Major Arcana

The Fifth Tarot reflects a refreshing view of the esoteric wisdom inherent in the major arcana, while stepping up the vibration to attune to the cosmic energies of the grand shift, thus making it very relevant for today. Images of the old patriarchal paradigm have been replaced with images that illustrate the divine feminine and divine masculine, offering insight on how to brings these energies into perfect balance in sacred union within the self.

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Apprentice of Water - Realization of Self
  • Strength : court cards
  • Created : 2007
  • Features : levels of consiousness growth, genderless, no hierarchy

New way to experience growth

The court cards are reframed to suggest a progression of growth and understanding of each of the five elements. Through this progression, one starts ouy as a Seeker of hidden wisdom or knowledge; step into the place of the Initiate undergoing transformation to receive new gifts and understanding; then begins to integrate and practice what has been learned as an Apprentice; so that one becomes the Elementor (or mentor of that element) embodying the essence and mastery thereof.

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9 of lotus - transcendence
  • Suit : Ether
  • Created : 2007
  • Features : expanding consciousness, multi-dimensional gifts, Soul-path

Ether is life force, prana or Chi

The Lotus suit representing the element ether brings an added dimension to tarot. This suit attunes us to our multi-dimensionality, while recognizing our interconnectedness with all that is. It is a very expansive element that offers the reader new opportunities to discover and remember who we are as beings of infinite light and love.

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