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Fifth Tarot Reading - The double pentacle spread

Divination Wisdom

Having a tarot reading can greatly assist us in understanding the energies at play in our life. Through a reading one can gain greater insight into any situation and find direction for moving forward. By comtemplating the images and listening to the messages of a tarot reading, you can view what is occuring in your life and make more enlightened choices.

Clarity and Direction

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Moon, Earth, Sun Spread

This simple three-card spread can give you a quick view on a situation. The three cards can be looked at as Past/Present/Future; Subconscious/Conscious/Super-conscious; Feminine/Masculine/Union. In The Fifth Tarot we call it the Moon, Earth, and Sun spread. The center card is the Earth, indicating the current situation. The card to the left is the Moon, representing what has lead up to it. And the card to the right is the Sun, indicating the direction it is heading. The Moon can also represent the feminine energy or subconscious; the Sun as the masculine energy and the higher consciousness; and the Earth as the balance in sacred union and our conscious path.

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The Alchemy Spread

Also known as the Fifth Spread is ideal for addressing a specific situation in a holistic approach for balancing the elements within oneself. Sort the cards according to the major arcana and each suit including the court cards specific to that suit. Draw the first card from the major arcana and place it in the center. This card represents where you are on your journy, your place on the tree of life. The other five cards suggest the alchemical energy required to bring into manifestation the lessons, qualities and aspects of this esoteric archetype to further your path of Self-realization. Draw one card from each suit and place in the formation of a five-pointed star.

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The Perfect Fifth Spread

The Double Pentacle or Perfect Fifth Spread.
This spread is a more expansive, in-depth look into the query. Following are the descriptions of each position and what it represents.
1. Present – shows the basic situation.
2. Root – indicates the root or cause of the situation
3. Recent Past – refers to what has happened recently that is affecting the situation 4. Assistance – shows an influence from other realms supporting or guiding you
5. Possible Outcome – shows the general way things are heading with all that is set in motion
6. Near Future – indicates a more immediate unfolding, not the final outcome
7. Inner View – how the querent views the situation, attitudes or aspects affecting the situation
8. Outer View – reflects influences in the querent's environment that may be affecting the situation
9. Freedom – shows us how to get out of our own way to align with the flow of the universe
10. Illumination – suggests the outcome based on the combination of the other cards

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Why a reading?

  • Bring clarity on our path
  • Transform our lives
  • Awaken Consciousness
  • Manifest our dreams


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