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The Fifth Tarot has taken flight!

What a great honor it was to “birth” The Fifth Tarot! It was an incredible journey as each card came alive in the drawing and writing. We hope you will enjoy the experience working with the cards as much as we did in creating it!

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Our Inspiration

Energetic transmission in each card

The images for the cards came from dreams and meditation visions. The writing of the book came as guided writing. Working as shamanic energy practitioners, each card was imbued with the energy specific to the element and its essence. 

Creators of The FifthTarot

Martien and Teressena Bakens are the creators, author and illustrator of The Fifth Tarot. Internationally reknowned in the world of tarot, they have shared The Fifth Tarot at the London Tarot Symposium, the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium, New York Readers Studio, and the World Mysteries Conference. They have taught tarot classes in the United States, Canada, Europe and Taiwan. Martien and Teressena are wisdom keepers and shamanic practitioners versed in Native American, Mayan and Peruvian traditions. For more information on the Sacred Mayan or Black Madonna Journeys they facilitate visit: www.beaconsoflove.com

Teressena Bakens


Martien Bakens


The Central Coast Tarot Meet-up

We have facilitated the Central Coast Tarot Meet-up, that met once a month to explore the world of tarot. It’s was a lively group of tarot enthusiasts where we shared different decks and learned from each other. The first half of the meeting we explored a tarot related topic, then put it into practice reading for each other.

Since we have not met in person for a while, we refer you to Belinda Popovic for your local readings

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