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Divine Guidance and Wisdom for Today!

The Fifth Tarot....understanding the alchemy of the five elements as a gateway for the new story evolving in the hearts and minds of humankind.

Video Class – Fifth Tarot

Enjoy 7 videos
as a series  or order individual

We re now offering the full Fifth Tarot class in a 7 video series. Dive into the backgrounds of tarot and the Major Arcana in the first segment. This is followed by the 5 segments on the suit cards representing the 5 elements, including the additional Lotus suit for the Ether element, which brings forward aspects of our multi-dimensionality. Then expand your knowledge of the court cards and their unique position within The Fifth Tarot.

Upon completion of the video series you might choose one-on-one coaching to develop your intuitive reading skills, learn sample spreads, how to give comprehensive readings with hands-on practice, receive guidance for the ethics of reading for others.

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We are thrilled with the ongoing enthusiasm and support for the Fifth Tarot. ‘The Presence’ and us thank you.

The new deck has the same size cards, with a small booklet. The golden edging is looking really nice and the cards feel good.

The Fifth Tarot book ( 392 pages ) will be sold separately!

Blurbfrom authors

The 352 Page book Available on Blurb

We have chosen for a small booklet with the deck, and so we are offering the 352 page book via Blurb. This book goed into great detail on the symbolism and meaning of each card, with divinatory meanings and applications. The appendices offer charts for additional information as well as sample spreads and references. Wonderful tool for the Tarot enthusiast

Dive into the Wisdom

Working with the Alchemy of the Five Elements can assist you in manifesting your dreams and creating balance and harmony in your life.


The Fifth Tarot is an evolutionary deck that combines the ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot with the energetic vibration of this amazing age. It is a tool that offers transformative insight into our multi-dimensional gifts, making it most relevant for today. The Fifth Tarot incorporates all five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether, to bring balance and harmony to your life.

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SCHEDULE A READING: Live or remote

A tarot reading can greatly assist us in understanding the energies at play in our life. Through a reading one can gain greater insight into any situation and find direction for moving forward on your path. By contemplating the images and listening to the message of a tarot reading, you can view what is occuring in your life to make more enlightened choices.

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For our International fans

Here are the video testimonials from some of the international tarot readers and teachers who use the Fifth Tarot in their practice. We thank them for their rave reviews!

Pour les Francais – For our French speaking fans

Récemment Antoinette Charbonel a créé une super vidéo sur sa chaîne et vous pouvez revoir son impression ici. Recently Antoinette Charbonelle created a super video on her channel and you can review her impression here
you can find her Youtube channel here La Fée Lumi’Air – Antoinette Charbonnel

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Voor onze Nederlandse fans

Peronne Ewijk heeft klassen verzorgd via Leven vanuit de bron. We ontmoetten Peronne jaren geleden alweer en waarderen haar toewijding om anderen op hun pad bij te staan.

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Leave behind the old paradigm and step through the portal!

“[The Bakens] managed to create a meditative tool that goes beyond traditional formats….instead of the Hanged Man there is the Cosmic Man, a figure who floats inverted in space. There is Shadow instead of The Devil, a pretty Jungian setting that is delightful; Realization instead of Judgment; and Universe instead of The World. These are some of the strategies that the authors used to break previous limits and take the reader further.”  –  from deck review by Christine hirlehey


Ether and the Lotus Suit

Ether is the space between that connects all things. It is consciousness, energy, prana. The ether element is symbolized by the Lotus suit and represents the soul body. It offers insight into our multi-dimensionality and teaches how to align with our divine blueprint and the soul’s highest expression.

Adding the ether element makes the alchemy complete.  Without it…you’re not playing with a full deck!

The Fifth Tarot Curriculum – Enter the Mystery School

For personal development or professional tarot readers

”For someone who has attended countless tarot workshops, this one ranks high.”  – Carrie, NM
“Having attended their workshop, I highly recommend anyone interested in tarot.”  – Margaret, NM

The Fifth Tarot Certification Course

An in-depth study of the framework of tarot and the esoteric wisdom it contains. Explore the complex and multi-layered meanings of the cards. Learn practical and intuitive reading skills. For readers, practitioners and professionals to add to your credentials and the services you offer.
                         10 module class

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Mystical World of the Major Arcana

The major arcana cards represent primary archetypal energies we enounter on our soul journey. With costumes, props, essential oils and interactive play, the cards come alive, as you step into these powerhouses. An experiential immersion to embody the Majors!
                         Weekend class

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Alchemy of the Five Elements

An in-depth study of the five elements as a way to create balance and harmony. Discover the potent energies of the elements for manifestation through alchemy. Students work with each of the five elements in ceremony, creative exercises and card readings.
Very empowering!
                           Weekend class

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Advanced Tarot Reading Skills

Hands-on practice with various spreads to develop your reading skills with exercises to expand your intuitive abilities. Become proficient at interpreting how the cards relate to each other and how to bring it all together in a way that is meaningful and relevant. A whole new level of reading!
                          Weekend class

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Deck Review

by Christine Hirlehey,
posted on Roswila’s Tarot Gallery & Journal, September 22, 2018

“The Fifth Tarot is an innovative new deck with a reading and healing system which is completely inspiring, focused on the needs of today’s world. …To complete a review of The Fifth Tarot deck it is essential to enter into the universe that the Bakens created. Every detail of the deck tells us of intricate experimentation and development in search of reaching a truly transcendent and original result……”

Additional Fifth Tarot products

to activate, integrate and enliven the experience!

The Major Arcana
Essential Oil Blend Set

Deepen your experience of the major arcana cards with these extraordinary oil blends. The vibrational frequencies of the oils can help us to access the archetypal energies of the arcana and integrate them more fully in our life.

The Five Elements
Essential Oil Blend Set

Set of five blends specifically attuned to each of the five elements, plus a sixth blend that brings the alchemy together in divine balance. Intergrate the potent energies of the five elements for manifestation, transformation and activation with these brilliant blends.

What others tarot enthusiasts have to say:

“I have been a tarot reader for twenty years and have never run across such a unique and intuitive tarot deck as The Fifth Tarot. This deck has been pivotal and transformational both for my journey and the journeys of my clients. I am someone who likes to place stones and crystals around my tarot deck to charge it and have found that The Fifth Tarot deck actually charges my stones! The book was incredibly informative. I read it cover to cover and then read it a second time! “                     – Jules, Kansas City

“Finally, a tarot deck that represents the vibration of the now. The Fifth Tarot is incredibly beautiful and inspires hope, personal empowerment and a consciousness that can help humanity create a harmonious personal existence with the world around them. A must-have deck for anyone looking to move forward, embracing the current new energies and beyond.”
              –  Deborah, New York

“The energy from your beautiful deck of cards is truly a higher vibration and epitomizes what this ascension process is about. I’m always loooking for something that will take my readings to the next level for my clients and myself. I believe you have created a wonderful tool that will help me do just that!”
                – Martha, Little Rock

“This morning I started working with The Fifth Tarot. Everything flowed beautifuly and there was no struggle to understand what it ‘really’ meant. I appreciate all the work and love you have put into them. They are a great gift to the world of tarot. I will be telling all my tarot friends about them!”
                       –  Trudy, Mexico

Latest News – Gratitude

We wish to express our gratitude to all who have been supportive to the energies of The Fifth Tarot. From the sale of 1 book come referrals and through those even more enthusiasm for the expansive world we are together creating. In the first year we met so many of you during our whirlwind tour crossing 29 states and 4 Counties. Within each we visited many meetup groups, stayed with and connected with so many friendly people.

From March 23 – April 1st Netherlands
April 1st – June 30th Limoux France
June 30th – July 31 Netherlands more TBA

P.s the wonderful images we posted in FB and Instagram from our last France trip were at times enhanced by the New Luminar Neo, for a 10% discount on the App click here