Cosmic Odyssey Book and Deck



Cosmic Odyssey Book and deck

Cosmic Odyssey Book
& Oracle Deck

Cosmic Odyssey is an allegory of awakening and our collective heroes’ journey.
Beautiful foil-embossed, hard cover, book, with 185 full-color glossy pages and vellum inserts.  Oracle deck contains 31 full-color, foil-edged cards and 85 page booklet in a velvet pouch.
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The Inspiration…

We are on a collective heroes’ journey, embarking on a quest for a way beyond. Beyond what once was, beyond what has been, beyond what we may perceive. A cosmic adventure, if you will, that expands our sense of who we are in a multi-dimensional universe.  Cosmic Odyssey is an allegory of awakened archetypes that presents a new mythology of who we are becoming..that creates the space for us to evolve as a new type of human being.

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The Collective Heroes’ Journey….

We are in a grand ascension process creating a new paradigm, creating a new age. Cosmic Odyssey is a Visionary Fiction Novel that helps us perceive of who we are, not only as individuals on this earthly journey through life…
but also as cosmic beings on a grand collective adventure, defining a new age.

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Cosmic Odyssey:
Awakened Archetypes Oracle Deck

Based on the book Elle & Grin’s Cosmic Odyssey, this oracle deck presents a set of awakened archetypes with dynamic energies and insightful guidance relevant to the new paradigm evolving at this time. A potent tool for those who seek change within and without in this grand co-creation!
Contains 31 full-color, foil-edged cards and 85 page booklet in a velvet pouch.
22 awakened archetypes, 3 realm cards, 3 gateway cards and 3 sygil cards.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in


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