Weekly Wisdom from The Fifth Tarot
Reading for the Full Moon.
The three cards drawn for this luminous full moon bring grand energies into our awareness. The 9 of Feathers reminds us to let go of our ego mind and to focus our thoughts and intentions from a place of higher intellect. Interesting to note that the feather depicted on this card is from a falcon and this week a falcon has begun nesting in the window alcove we see from our terrace, adding its glorious medicine to this reading.
The image in the second card, the 5 of Fire, shows the powerful transformational energy of the Sun in balance with the Moon, streaming to the Earth at this time. The Light of the Sun and the fullness of the Moon illuminate and activate that which we set as intention with the 9 of Feathers.
The Rainbow Sigil (from the Cosmic Odyssey deck) is a card signifying A Sundance…an abundance of light, peace, joy, love and the rewards of your efforts. The colors of the rainbow suggest an amplification of the light body through the chakras, activated by the first two cards.
Enjoy the wonders of this full moon! When you wish a person reading, feel free to connect.
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