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The three card spread for this week invites us to what lies beyond our current awareness into mystical and wonderous experiences of the Infinite.

The Veil-et is the cosmic archetype who is the lifter of the veil. Her aspect is mystery and the action is revealing. By going through the veil of illusion, sacred mysteries are revealed. This theme is evident in the other two cards as well.

In the Apprentice of Lotus we see a crystal skull, another guide who can connect us to ancient lineages of Light and cosmic knowledge. Our crystalline structure and stellar origins are receptors of their cosmic consciousness.

With the Initiate of Shells, we feel the lunar mysteries revealed through the sacred waters of the Mother and received in our heart of hearts. Cycles the of the moon in the movement of the tides resonate in every cell of our being.

These three cards, rich in symbolism await your reflection to reveal the depth that Great Mystery has for you!

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Weekly Wisdom

Weekly Wisdom from The Fifth Tarot
Reading for the Full Moon.
The three cards drawn for this luminous full moon bring grand energies into our awareness. The 9 of Feathers reminds us to let go of our ego mind and to focus our thoughts and intentions from a place of higher intellect. Interesting to note that the feather depicted on this card is from a falcon and this week a falcon has begun nesting in the window alcove we see from our terrace, adding its glorious medicine to this reading.
The image in the second card, the 5 of Fire, shows the powerful transformational energy of the Sun in balance with the Moon, streaming to the Earth at this time. The Light of the Sun and the fullness of the Moon illuminate and activate that which we set as intention with the 9 of Feathers.
The Rainbow Sigil (from the Cosmic Odyssey deck) is a card signifying A Sundance…an abundance of light, peace, joy, love and the rewards of your efforts. The colors of the rainbow suggest an amplification of the light body through the chakras, activated by the first two cards.
Enjoy the wonders of this full moon! When you wish a person reading, feel free to connect.
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The Fifth Tarot is an evolutionary deck that combines the ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot with the energetic vibration of this amazing age. It is a tool that offers transformative insight into our multi-dimensional gifts, making it most relevant for today. The Fifth Tarot incorporates all five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether, to bring balance and harmony to your life.


In this reprint we have some minor changes for you in the packaging. The deck with gold trim remains unchanged as well as the 352 page book. In this printing we omit the booklet and the outer box for the deck. The deck comes in cello wrap with a velvet pouch to keep your deck protected when in use.

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An Aude Walkabout in time and space

After our stay in Limoux and having explored not only the longest lasting carnival on the planet but also wandered most streets and pathway into the hillsides, we has a wonderful time in The Netherlands with family. On our way back into France we again opted for a night in Paris, and oh my we lucked out this time. The sun shone all day, which made the experience all the more fun…

Travel by bus and rail

And the wanderers kept wondering

Do all roads lead to Freedom ?

As long as nature is involved we most certainly do

The next day we jumped on the TGV which took us to Carcassone, and then on to Limoux and Quillan our little nest for the next 3 months. We quickly got into a rhythm and enjoyed, market days, sunshine and lots of long hikes

Some hikes threw even us seasoned cow hands for a loop, and we ended up on off road trails or simply the hike turned out to be only 6km for darn crows. Fortunately the trail guides did most times not spare the yellow paint….meaning you are on the right track! phew – truly felt like going walkabout sometimes!

Mostly, ‘peace is in every step’ guides our day to day life so we take that with us on each trek.

The Aude river is a silver thread, not only of live in the region, also of our hikes. We love the evening meanders as they weave on the banks of this life-giving river. At times we feel like the logs that were carried on the streams, now a history of the region as were the Cathars. We are immensely grateful to the welcoming Catalan peoples who still so much connect to nature and a joie de vivre ‘tres joyeux’!

In ending it is tremendous to share our gratitude on this journey and be blessed by the ‘locals’ #Aude #walkabout #Quillan #Limoux #paris #travel #hike #adventure #adventurephotography #travelphotography #Cathars #catalan


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