Feeling the depths of the land and voluptuousness of life in this Appelation Origine Contolee, does not in any way feel contrived.
Opposite it expands the wings, unfolds the sails and feeds the cool breeze of the winter morning.

Hello from France- Sun dipped streets of Collioure
Sun-dipped Streets

The cockles of the heart are warmed by the smiles and rich cultural sharing that occurs here daily
A market with rich healthy breads made with ancient grains good for all
The Terrace where the locals come for their extended lunch as many mediterranean peoples have before them

Hello from France - Collioure harbor
Collioure harbor

Alas the sun soaked colorful streets have their stories to tell and we listen
suddenly filled to brimming with a zest for life, only here understanding the fruits of the sea
The mother nourishing all she may embrace, all willing to take 5 and a breath
A song is played here from her core inspiring community and richness for all,
That, shared is heard and taken to heart, enhancing the palette of all artists

Hello from France - Port Vendres old Light House
Port Vendres Light-house

We sit down and have some tapa’s, drenched in the artisanal splendor felt in every bite and pore
An Amber Banyuls or Rivesaltes accompanies our feast of the soul
Impressing upon us the ancient ways and honoring the gift of what came before
We, like the dragonfly before trapped in amber, free ourselves of all meanderings
Truly setting sail on the journey of a thousand and one days and nights

Platonic gif

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