The Fifth Tarot Decks Set


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Earth and humanity are participating in a grand shift of the ages, transitioning from third world frequencies to fifth world energies. Many of us are experiencing an awakening of consciousness that is attuned to these higher vibrations. As we begin this ascension process we look for new ways to open and expand our gifts and abilities and align with our soul’s purpose. We require tools that reflect our increased capacity to understand, embody and transmit a higher understanding of infinite wisdom and illumined truth. An amazing tool to assist you in this process is The Fifth Tarot! An evolutionary new deck that combines the ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot with the spiritual laws of the universe unfolding at this time in our consciousness.

The Fifth Tarot offers you

• A framework for understanding the cosmic energies at play.
• An advanced form of divination to align with and create your destiny.
• A powerful transformation tool, activation and attunement of your divine blueprint
• A gateway for the new story evolving in the hearts and minds of humankind.

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The Fifth Tarot

The Fifth Tarot is an evolutionary deck that combines the ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot with the energetic vibration of this amazing age. It is a tool that offers transformative insight into our multi-dimensional gifts, making it most relevant for today. The Fifth Tarot incorporates all five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether, to bring balance and harmony to your life.

understanding the alchemy of the 5 elements to create balance and harmony in your life and in the world! The book is the full 352 pages, and comes with the deck in a velvet bag, with quincunx print

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