The Fifth Tarot – Oils Set – Major Arcana


The Fifth Tarot oils applied

In the workshops we do we have heard amazing comments on the use of the Major Arcana oils and how they deepen the experience of the specific energy one is working with after drawing one of the major arcana cards.

The depth of the experience has no bounds, and in a group working with this energy on a cosmic conscious level brings a whole new expression to the joy and grace of the communal essence we enjoy.

The Oils come in a nice craft box.

The oils of the fifth tarot oils set can last a long time like all essential oils. Specifically, you can allow people pulling a Major Arcana card smell the oil that belongs to it, so they can have a deeper experience with the archetype of the oil, ask them where they feel it in their body and see if there are images they are adding to the experience.

Have a deep experience with these oils and your major Arcana cards.

22 – 4 ml. cobalt blue bottles with stopper

The Fifth Tarot oil blends

As a blender of many years and life-streams I studied aromatherapy in The Netherlands at Mediator with Thea van Bokhoven. They are FAGT accredited at HBO level, which equates to University.

I was fortunate to also work with the late Rae Dunphy in Calgary. Jeff and her were my sponsors when I moved to Canada and I am forever grateful to them for their knowledge and deep commitment to purity of their products

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The Fifth tarot Oils set

We have been asked to create a set of essential oils that deepens the experience of the major arcana cards. The life lessons of these archetypal energies can shift on deep levels when we allow the vibrational frequencies of oils, cards

The Fifth Tarot Oils set

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